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Some merit of the puppies family!

(If You have some updates, please contact me.)

Most of this bloodlines topracing-dogs are giving small puppies (of good hights) - Very Important!!

The father of Old Road´s Invincible:
Windwalker Dragon Storm: 52,5 cm, the W-litter of Kennel Aviaticus in Poland, has a female of 47 cm and all oter puppies, the males as the females, were all good in height.
He was a the winner in Hamburg 2010 and 2:e on the Int. Derby Hamburg 2010.


The mother of Old Road´s Invincible:
Old Road´s Chakira, 45,2 cm:

Winner of many races and of 18 great Racingclassicers (of 35 females). Going from 2006 till 2009;

Clubchampion 2006,

Consolation Winner Eurapean Camponship 2007,

Winner European Champion Vererans CGRC 2011 and Mulichampion Racing!!

Litter Windwalker Dragon Storm & Old Road´s Chakira:

Other litters of Old Road´s Chakira:

Brothers of Old Road´s Chakira:
Old Road´s Ceasar
51cm: Multi Racingchampion from 2004 till 2006.
4th on the Worldchampionship 2004,
3rd on the WorldChampionship 2005,
2nd on the European Championship 2005 and
5th on the WorldChampionship 2006.
Old Road´s Chayenne 51 cm:
WorldChampion 2006, EuropianChampion 2006,
Swiss longtrack Champion 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Swiss Shorttrack Champion 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
Old Road´s Chikiboum 50 cm:
Europian RacingChampion 2005
2nd French Championship 2005
Finalist Worldchampionship 2005, 2006 and 2007
Fianlist Europian Champoionship 2006 and 2007
Old Road´s Figaro 49cm:
Dutch Champion 2008 and 2009, longdistance
Winner Interland Netherlands-Belgium 2008
Trackrecord holder Gelschenkirchen, Germany

The Father of Pandora van de Waterram:
Gryphon van de Spaarne Meute 51cm (80% of his litters, the females and males, are all of good height):
Strarted 60 times and has 46 finales of which many 1th places
3th on the WorldChampionships 2003
5th on the DutchChampionships 350 meters

Children of Gryphon van de Spaarne Meute from different combinations:
Chambers Ticking Timebomb male 49cm:
Russian RacingChampion Junior 2010
Culann´s Logan male 50,7cm:
German Coursing Champion 2010 and 2011,
2nd on the European Couring 2011-11-07
Culann´s Mocca female 47 cm:
German CorusingChampion 2011-11-07
Balifail Anemona female 48 cm:
Int. RacingChampion 2007,
Öterichs RacingChampion 2008
Balifail Avantgarde female 48cm:
Östenrichs Champion 2006
Trackreckord on Krenglbach 2006 and 2007
Ghan Buri Ghan´s Fade to Black male 50,5cm:
4th on the Berman Championships 350m in 2008
SandbahnChampion 2009
German Coursing Champion 2009
Ghan Buri Gahn´s jammy Hawk male 51cm:
2th on the WorldChampionship 2010
RacingChampion short 350, and longdistgace 480, 2010
Ghan Buri Ghan´s Jo de Vie male 50,5cm
4th on the German Championships 350 in 2008
German Champion 350m 2010
Ghan Buri Ghan´s Mandarin Mustang male 50,7cm:
A-class (highest class)
Ghan Buri Ghan´s Moon Quake Shake male 53cm:
A-class in Sweden

Brothers of Pandora van de Waterram:
Pokerface van de Waterram male 51cm:
2nd on the Russian Championships 350m 2011
Winner UCR 350m 2011!!
Winner Golden Hair 350m 2011 + Trackreckordholder
Point Black van de Waterram male 50,5cm 22,4-350m
Powerplay van de Waterram male 49,5cm 22,6-350m

Children of Gryphons´s sister GoGo:
Xanta female 48cm:
8 Trackreckords
WorldChampion 350m 2006 and 2007
German RacingChampion 350m 2006, 2007 and 2008
SwissChampion 350m 2005
Xandres female 48cm:
DutchChampion 350m 2007, 2008 and 2009
CutchChampion 480m 2009
Xayenne female 48cm:
3th on the DutchChampionships 350m 2009
Wantho-Vulture 51cm:
9 trackreckords 350m 21,68sec and 475m 30,18 and so on..
DutchChampion 350m 2006
2th on the European Championships 350 2006
Dutch Champion 475m 2007
3d European Championships 2007
2nd World Championships 2007
3d Dutch Championship 350m 2008
6th WorldChampionship 350m 2008
5th DutchChampionships 350 2009
5th DutchChampionships 480 2009
2nd on the European ChampinShips 2009

Mother of Pandora Homely Luck´s Why Not 46,8cm "Very Good and clever racingdog"
2 litters and 95% of males are 50-49cm. Females 45-47cm. The other 5% are also of good height.
She started 43 times and got 36 finales of which many 1th and 2nd places.
Winner of Zilveren Lely 2003
Winner of GP Oude Pekela 2004
Best Racing Dog NCW 2004
Clubchampion 2004, 2005 and 2007
6th DutchChampionships 350m 2004
2nd DutchChampionships 475m 2004
5th DutchChampionships 350m 2005
5th DutchChampionships 475 2005

Daugher of Homely Luck´s Why Not, True Talent van de Waterram 45cm:
ClubChampion 2008
Winner Zilveren Lely 2009
Winner Talentcup 2009



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